CNY SHRM and MACNY have retained Astron Solutions to conduct a survey of compensation programs and benefit plans.

At any time you can leave the survey and later return to submit additional data.

You may be the only person in your organization to receive this notice. If you are not the person who will complete the survey, we would appreciate your forwarding these materials to the appropriate person.

If you choose not to participate in this survey, you do not need to do anything. We will not send you any survey results. Please remember, however, that every organization's data makes a difference! Even if you have data for only one of the survey positions, you are encouraged and welcomed to participate in the survey.

Please be assured that we will hold in strict confidence all information reported. The completed survey will meet all legal guidelines. We will not identify individual organization data in the summary survey results, the full survey report, or our internal analyses.

Click here to view the survey before participating.